is there a maximum height?

i am building a 1x2 tower. the current height is about ~ 45. i just want to know is there a maximum height?


I think this guy has reached maximum height:

Not sure how many levels that is though.

May I ask how you are flying in those screenshots? :dance:

Thats not me. Its the person who built it and it is his own server. Not sure if you can fly over admin commands otherwise I guess he just jumped down from the top with god mode.

I’m pretty sure he jumped

You can’t fly over admin commands on rust as of right now if I am wrong please correct me. The only way to fly as of right now is hacks so…

That second picture is crazy.

That’s insane, does say in the first one he was going to jump though.

Nah I think the highest was back when it was about 5 servers… some guy made a tall as shit tower where supposedly he reached the limit… he was placing campfires in the air or so called the border of the sky.

Just stop talking please.

But he’s right or isn’t he?

The max height is at least higher than 200, I was on a PvE server a few months ago and got a few people together and we built to 213. Would have gone higher but the server crashed, and going back in it was a wipe ;_; so sad.

If you have coordinates on your server you can teleport to the top where its pitch black and then you fall down into other levels of weird colors and darkness before you start seeing land

Actually I made a structure around the same hight however I started on top of Mt EverRust so mine’s around double the total hight.

Really just because I am right?