Is there a miniature Citadel model that can be used for 3D skyboxes?

I went through the models list and found no miniature Citadel that I can place in a 3D skybox.
Does it exist? If not, has someone made one for download. (I’ve seen maps with them in 3D skyboxes before)


Thank you for answering my question.
Now, I have a new question: What is this model called?

EDIT: Because I can only find full-size models.

The “full size one” is the skybox one, I think.

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Citadel is large.

Oh holy…

Well, thanks a bunch guys. I’ll try it out now.

Yea because there is a FULL size citadel model suddenly ?

the citadel doesnt have a small version. the huge skybox one is actually 1/16 of what it would be in real life.

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you’ll need a bigger 3d skybox.

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or someone to make it smaller on the .qc for u

woo color correction

There’s a Map pimpage thread, you do realise?