is there a mod to make the dicks bigger?


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i wish

Im sure there may be one in the future. Sadly im pretty sure that this would require game files to be edited. So until the Devs support game modding on a more indepth level then this is a no go.

It would be cool if you could tell if someone had the “cold” status effect on by looking at their penis

we should ask maxofs2d to hop on it

I wish there was a mod that would allow you to adjust the size for your character. So I could make mine like an inch long.

perhaps we could mount other players as a form of mobile attack

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perhaps a partition is in order

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the starting weapon could be a hard on which can be use to bludgeon others.

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i am sure you kids will love to slap each other around in starter zone with some semi placid male reproductive organs. use your weapon given to you by the almighty creator to kill sleeping players

So, a big head mode then?

It’s because in game your cold see this video

its like Loverslab seeped into Facepunch

when they add character customisation will you be able to make aesthetic changes to ur dick

Jiggle bone physics please

bone jiggle physics too

Cut/uncut option when starting game, please.

pubic hair length slider

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also decorative braiding on/off

uncut black guy with 2 sets of corn rows

sex appeal slider to max

The slider could look like this: 8[======= …]D (dots because the spaces collapse automatically)

I can’t imagine what the donkey yard is going to sound like when female models get added. “Braying of asses” will not cut it.

the slider handle must be in the shape of a closed fist or im gonna demand a refund

15" jigglebone mod?

I meant to select funny :frowning: Damn iphone!