Is there a place to find / recruit for groups?

I’ve been browsing the forums, Reddit, and Steam community, but can’t seem to find a place to look for groups to join or people recruiting.

You by yourself?


I just joined this group who havent even started yet and are looking for players so it might be a great place for you to start fresh with the rest of us I will link you the thread one sec

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New server with a fresh wipe coming. Trying to grow. Expecting 20-30 active members soon.

Active admins, No hackers allowed, no hacking admins.

PVP no sleeper, oxide mod, fast crafting, shared doors.

ALL are welcome (except of course hackers) and ideally, we want cool players and no douches. =)

Open F1 paste: net.connect

just play! you will find people to team up. just dont be a twat abd have fun with others.
4 of us raided this guy a few days ago, we destroyed him, he lost everything, he was mad but he sounded funny in the chat and we talked to him for a bit as we raided him.
result? invited him to join, gave more and better stuff then he lost and enough material to build a house bigger then he had before.
yesterday we raided a group of guys we lost a few bits and got others, as we left we told them that was good fun that gunfight and we cool.
just enjoy the game.