Is there a program that can record videos of gmod

I was wondering if there was a good game recorder that can record gmod videos smoothly because fraps often lags the game. If there isn’t is there a way of making it not lag?

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Check it out

wow thats cool whats what from?


Xfire also has a recorder I just couldn’t find the link -_-

Source recorder is the best. But it’s also the hardest.
I use XFire.

if you want NO LAG use source recorder, picture perfect graphics plus no lag whatsoever, just tricky and time consuming thats all, i use fraps, it dusnt lag for me :smiley:

Source. Definitely use Source. You can record, but then if you want it to not lag, you have to type a command that makes it take a picture of each frame. It then puts it together to make a smooth video.

Take awhile though.