Is there a reason that most of the ragdolls I download have texture errors in the eyes?

Well over half of the Gmod ragdolls I have seem to have purple and black eyes. I don’t have TF2 downloaded, and I don’t actually own CSS. Is that the problem?

what do you mean


he means did you pirate it?

If I had to guess, I’d assume “I don’t own the game” means he doesn’t own the game.

I also don’t own the game, but I have the models. How? I downloaded CS:S dedicated server. So calm down with all of this judging.

I don’t possess CSS in any way, shape, or form. I have TF2, but it’s not downloaded. So GMod is basically running on HL2. Is this the reason my ragdolls have errors in the eyes?

Garry’s Mod is now standalone which means you could technically get away with owning GMod and nothing more. Miscellaneous content from other games on the other hand is mounted separately. What models are having these issues?

Quite a few. Most of the Final Fantasy XIII and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ragdolls have this problem. Would screenshots of the problem help at all?

Yeah I think I know what your issue is. You probably need to hunt around for a model that actually includes a few extra materials for the eyes like the ambient occlusion map, cornea texture etc. And after that place that into your root/gmod/materials folder.

It’s usually textures which are in /materials/engine (as opposed to /materials/models/)