Is there a reason why ctrl+f sometimes has it's default functionality overwritten in a forum thread?

This seems to happen very intermittently, but sometimes when I press Ctrl+f in a thread I get the in-site search rather than default browser search. I can press ctrl+f again and it goes to the browser functionality.

This seems to happen somewhat rarely though? Or at least I’m not sure what conditions really trigger it.
It does feel abit annoying though to have this default browser behavior be changed.

Chrome Version 88.0.4324.190 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10

I believe threads with a big amount of replies don’t load most of them to save space on memory, rendering the browser search function useless.


ohhhh that makes sense, yeah forums running on discourse in the past have just made me realise im stupid, where i switched from the in page search to the generic browser one to try find a message in a thread and never able to find it on threads that are thousands of replies long.
i thought i was either remebering everything wrong, or it just didnt exist in the first place, they probably did.
this makes sense now, im daft that i never realised that

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I see, that definitely makes sense.

It still feels weird when I press something and the expected browser function gets “hijacked”, but I don’t think I can think of something that would actually solve that issue. Seems like it might be the best thing possible given the constraints.

Trying out the in-site search more it does seem pretty good, I guess I’ve had my view of this kind functionality biased by sites that did it badly.

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You can double tap control f if you want to use the built in browser one

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