Is there a reason why there is not a multi tv youtube addon for gmod?

I was wondering if there was a reason why gmod doesn’t have any addons that allow for players to have multiple you-tube videos playing on different tv’s?

Does it cause a load of lag on the network?
Would it not be optimal with the current awsiomium process gmod is using?

Also how hard would it be to code your own you-tube addon? I have no clue where to being with that im gonna assume something to do with the html library though. I did see that wyzo made a base structure to play some videos so I guess I have that too.

For a couple reasons, the lag, the annoying adverts, and the lack of support for the h268 codec (or whatever it is that YouTube uses)

I have seen tvs running different videos etc just like the user asks on a server.
They support YouTube videos and twitch streams etc.
So they do exist, just not publicly available I guess.

I can just see it now - 32 slot rp server, 32 different video streams at spawn…

The basic reason is lag. But a more in-depth reason would be simply that your server specs couldn’t handle very many TV’s running YouTube videos at once, and would freeze up. Not to mention lack of support.

Well couldn’t you set it up where you can only view one tv at a time and then have it where you need to disable one first to enable one for the native client. You could sync up where the video was when they turn on the client-side tv.

I know things are easier said than done so I don’t expect this to be a like easy thing to optimize. I guess I will just like do the whole one tv thing for now until I can find a way to have that setup in a optimal way.

I made one, but never quite finished it. Here’s the code if you’re interested:[/thumb] [thumb]

This is used on the GMod Tower servers for the theater, nightclub, condo TVs, and condo panels. The number of active browser panels is limited by a hardcoded value used for pooling the browser instances (link to code).

There’s a Getting Started guide for developers, but it’s very brief.

the videos are ran clientside not serverside, so it would simply be 32 tv props to the server with maybe 1-2 networked variables

There’s a private version of PlayX that runs based on proximity. It wouldn’t be hard to recode.