Is there a secret to making perfectly balanced vehicles?

There’s this little race gamemode I’m making, but it seems that vehicles are never 100% stable. When my car speeds up, it shakes and wobbles all over the place. (Note that these are physics-based, not like the jeep and jalopy) Is there a “secret” to make them a little more stable? (Weight change, weight balance, ect)

Are you using ComputeShadowControl function(or w/e that was)? It works really well and you can control your vehicle in any way you want.

Try self:GetPhysicsObject():SetDamping(0, 2.5)

First number is movement damping and second is rotational damping. Just put in your own self-righting system and use that as a crutch.

I’m using that now, but it’s just like an airplane now. How would I make it move forward without floating in the air?

Didn’t change anything, even with different values… :crying:

What are you using for the wheels/tires and how are the wheels attached to the chassis?

The vehicles in GTA aren’t really realistic at all but they work somewhat at least… You could take a look at the code for their base if you’re looking for ideas.

They are just constraint.Axis’d to the main vehicle. I’m using the sawblades as wheels.

Would it be contradictory to the style of the gamemode and set-up of the cars to have a small constant downward force on the wheels? Whenever I make a good physics car in GMod (not through Lua) I always put some low-power thrusters on the axles of the wheels or somewhere similar to have a constant force down and this prevents them from bumping around like crazy when moving at any speed other than a snail’s pace.