Is there a self.Owner:Extinguish()?

I am trying to make a swep that sets you on fire when you primary attack or secondary, but wish for the fire to stop when you holster the weapon and was wondering if there is anything like self.Owner:Extinguish() to counter self.Owner:Ignite()

thanks in advanced baby cakes

P.S and yes I have looked around before I came here.

Yes, that is exactly what it is called. Have you even tried before making this [del]shitpost[/del] thead?

Side note if you can help me fix this I’ll be in your debt.


[ERROR] lua/weapons/ca_shieldbasu/shared.lua:241: ‘<eof>’ expected near ‘end’

  1. unknown - lua/weapons/ca_shieldbasu/shared.lua:0

function SWEP:Holster()
if CLIENT and IsValid(self.Owner) and not self.Owner:IsNPC() then
local vm = self.Owner:GetViewModel()
if IsValid(vm) then
self.Owner:SetNWBool(“DukesAreUp”, false)
return true

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yes I did try I before I made this shitpost but it didn’t work magically so I asked for help.

  1. use [noparse][lua][/noparse] tags.
  2. that’s too many ends

Of course it wont work, but thats not magic, its an extra end