Is there a server announcement mod out there?

Hey guys,

I looked a bit and couldn’t find one. Is there a tool out there that will send a message to all players on the server every now and then?

We’re in the process of migrating to a new host and we wanted to setup automatic messages on the old one to send players to the new one and couldn’t find one. I spent 30 min and coded one myself (a very basic one) but if there’s no such tool right now I might be tempted to make it a little cleaner and package it so others can use it if they want to.

My little tool was done using an existing Rcon example I found on the net, so credits go to:

SourceRcon Example in C#
Copyright Andrew Simpson 2008-2011

There are a few plugins that would do what you’d like with the Oxide mod:

That would put us in the modded server list though, right?

Yes, as you’d be using a mod. If you don’t want that, then just use a repeating RCON command via a web script or something similar.

You can do this using