Is there a Tool that removes Ragdoll's clipping?

Hey, I wanted to ask if there’s a tool that removes the clipping of a single ragdoll to make posing waaay more easy.

As example; If you try to pose a sniper, looking trougth his scope it sometimes fails because the pistolgrip of the sniperrifle is too close to the ragdoll’s body and you can’t move the hand/fingers closer to the body.

Simply, I’m searching for a tool that applies nocollide on single bones to make a ragdolls right hand go trougth the left forearm to make a badass pose…

I’m fairly certain that’s hardcoded onto the ragdoll’s QC script.
Closest you could get is editing the bones in GMod 13 after applying the desired model to some NPC via model manipulator magicka.