Is there a tutorial on how to import new models/props into Gmod?

Hi there,

I was wondering if anybody could point me to a tutorial which tells how to import new models into Gmod so that they can be used as props ingame?

And before anyone asks: YES, I do have knowledge in terms of 3d-modelling etc. I’m studying it, so I do know about it :slight_smile:
I just haven’t found a proper tutorial on how to import the models/textures into Gmod.

So, help anybody? g


It may be worth checking Youtube and Google, if you haven’t already.

You make .mdl models, make a folder in your Steamapps<username>\garrydmod\garrysmos\models<any folder you want>
Then you place the models in there, then go to data(?) or just search for spawnlist when in gmod\gmod folder. Then take a spawnlist, remove everything and replace with the path to your models, and then save if with the name you want it to have, and then spawn them ingame. I don’t know if this works, but it is working in theory

you need this

Thanks everybody, last link from Kybalt was especially useful.