Is there a way around the long loading time for having many addons?

Is it just because the GMA files are being checked by the workshop for updates? Do raw, non-gma addons add any time (other than when loading map)? Working on developing something and I have to frequently restart Garry’s Mod, I would prefer to not disable or remove my currently subscribed mods.

disconnect from internet :v

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on second thought, it might work ._. since you don’t have to check the GMA files

tried it. Result: Almost no loading time (at least not for me)

That’s a limit with Garry’s Mod and making it load faster with a bunch of addons isn’t an option.

The best thing you can do is using tools, such as GCompute, or taking use how Garry’s Mod auto reloads files to get around having to reload Garry’s Mod

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