Is there a way I can downgrade Unity versions?

I have had crappy fps ever since the newest patch (spike walls, supply signal, etc). Before that patch I would have at least 40 to 50 fps! Now I get about 20 to 25 max. My suspicions is when garry had problems with Unity 4.3 (not sure if it was 4.3 but it was some kind of unity update), and it gave everyone fps problems. But when he reverted back to another unity driver, my fps went back to 50! It lasted about a week until the patch that I mentioned above started giving me horrible fps. I’m pretty sure Facepunch updated unity drivers for rust since there was a new one like Unity 4.3.1 to help out linux cursors? I don’t know if they did or not but it is messing up my fps so bad. :frowning:


Ok before the big patch with the new content, I was on dev build. I noticed a new patch for the dev build after the dev team mentioned something on trello about needing to update unity in the next version. It was to see if it’ll help out with linux cursor support or something. After that 5 to 6 mb patch (still on dev build btw) I noticed a performance decrease. I had to opt out of the dev build and my fps went back up. A week later the new update was live and my fps went to shambles.

Please help! I’ve tried literally everything! Grass.on false, grass.displacement false, steam start up launch parameters, playing on lowest res with low render options, gamebooster, etc.
EVERYTHING! I miss the good ole times with my wonderful FPS before the patch…

I feel like I need to downgrade Unity to get my FPS back!

Downgrading Unity wouldn’t do anything in relation to Rust. Rust doesn’t require Unity to be installed on your computer in order to run the game. You would have to downgrade Rust itself, and even if you did somehow, you wouldn’t be able to join any servers as they would all be running higher versions. The game is still in alpha, meaning a lot is going to be changed content wise, and performance wise. Your best bet is to just wait for future updates to be released.