Is there a way to carve a window or door in a brush?

I was wondering if it is possible to carve a hole in a brush, since it seems like a waste of time to make a wall with a window out of eight different blocks.



You can carve, but it splits the brush up into several pieces and usually fucks up brushwork.

Damn… that seems like a HUGE inconvenience. I wonder why they never put that in?

P.S.: I already knew about using the carve tool to split things up, though.

They did, it’s called the clip tool.

No one here likes the carve tool.

Make a brush the size of the door, put it in the wall where you want the door hole, carve.

Because it’s useless.
Don’t follow this advice.

just use the clip tool to cut out the section you need

Carve is bad. It frequently cuts up brushes in a highly inefficient method and it tends to create microbrushes and such, which will prevent your map from compiling.

Additionally, I believe that when you carve, the brush has to check collision against every other brush in the map. This doesn’t seem like a problem when you first start building, but once your map gets larger and you get higher numbers of complex brushes (into the thousands) you can actually pretty easily crash Hammer by making the attempt.

It only checks against brushes in the current selection, but in theory yes, you can crash hammer if you try and carve into too many brushes at once.