Is there a way to combine props!

Hey Peeps

Is there any way to make an item spawn when 3 items touch a brush, for example if i put an orange prop with some water prop it will be spawn an orange juice prop

Appreciate the help

You gotta do that with coding.

This should be in Mapping really.

First pick your 3 items. Lets say An orange, a can and a bottle.

Place 3 prop_physics, one with each model. Name them accordingly, such as “Orange”, “Water”, etc.

Make 2 trigger_multiple. Then make 2 filter_activator_name. Link them up which each filter corresponding to the Orange and the Water. Make is so that on trigger it adds 1 to a math_counter. Set the max of the math_counter to 2.

Put an output on the math_counter that is “onhitmax” and have it send an output to a point_template entity that is set to spawn your 3rd prop. The orange juice.

Thanks mate that makes sense but i must be doing something wrong, i made a little video to explain how i have followed your guide but the item still wont spawn

Here is the vid:

any ideas?


The problem im getting is this:

Precache called on a point_template that has no templates:

I have added the apple to the point template under the right name tho :confused:

Solved, thanks HatredViral, I owe you one