Is there a way to do this

Hey all

can you make it so when you pick up a weapon on the ground it only has 2 bullets in it instead of default without changing any script? is there a addon please help as me and my friend are making something

You have to edit the weapon’s LUA file, unless you want to shoot until you have 2 bullets left.

Jetboy is correct. There might be a script, however. Go check it out!

SWEP.Primary.ClipSize               = 10 //Max number of rounds in a mag
SWEP.Primary.DefaultClip	= 2 //Number of rounds in the mag when spawned

Thanks for the good answers guys just to continue on is there a inbuilt drop weapon command in gmod or is it separate code if it’s separate could osmeone get a link or have a script they made

Shoot until you have 2 bullets. Type command to drop gun. Profit

You have bad reading skills sir.