Is there a way to download a dedicated server to run on your computer?

Me and some friends wanted to run a private server where only we would play so that we didn’t have to deal with other people getting in the way and being able to manage the server the way we wanted.
We also don’t have any money to pay for a server to host it for us, so we were looking for an option to download a dedicated server for Rust, as we do have a computer and internet connection that can handle it.
We tried many methods we had found around the internet, but none worked, and the rest were illegal.
Is it possible to download a dedicated server to run on our own systems, and if so, how would we go about that?
Thanks in advance.

Currently, this is not possible.

Why have they made this not possible?
Seems like a rather odd thing to only have hosting available on hosting websites you have to pay for, and not something for the average Joe to download because he can’t pay for a server to run, but he wants to run one because he has the resources to do that.

Only with the experimental version, and only as of literally today (see today’s devblog). The legacy version is not publicly available for download.

Because the game is on alpha and the server on the legacy version isn’t ready for prime time and never will be since it’s not even being worked on anymore.

I get the feeling that Garry didn’t want to give out server access to anyone at all, but Rust wasn’t supposed to become insanely popular. Garry was expecting a year or more of working quietly with a small fanbase.

Instead it went viral and 1.6 million copies sold in six months. The devs can’t run official servers for that many people, so they made agreements with a small number of authorized hosts to fill the need for servers. Part of these agreements were that the GSPs would protect the server files from being leaked and pirated.

Going by the support requests the Gmod subforum gets from people hosting their own servers, it would simply take up all of their time trying to help. And then if they don’t help, everyone is angry with them.

Seems like an odd way to go about it still. If there is a server that the server hosting companies could run, why can there not be a version for the average Joe to download? That just doesn’t make sense. It’s comforting to know that at least it was added in experimental.

Because 10 or so hosting companies is much less of a headache than 1,000 hosting companies and 10,000 people running it on their own computers when an update is pushed out.

You are retreading arguments that’ve been made since December, and you’re not adding anything new. Not to be mean, but this is how it is. The game is an alpha, things work differently at this stage.

But once they fully abandon legacy, won’t they release the server files for it? They said they are leaving us with the ability to play legacy right? I just figured that means they’d release the server files as well since I don’t imagine many people will want to keep paying for legacy servers.

They have not made any announcements regarding the fate of the legacy server files and the source code, so I don’t know.

How to people manage to host cracked rust servers?

Things get leaked, but that doesn’t mean it’s legal.

As a preemptive answer, telling you how to get the leaked server files would probably be a bannable offense for both parties involved. Probably.

My guess is that they aren’t releasing the legacy server files so as not to undercut the revenue of the hosting providers who already have an existing customer base. This wasn’t an issue with the experimental because they hadn’t partnered with any providers to start hosting the experimental yet.

It’s not a support issue because they aren’t updating or supporting it anymore.