Is there a way to download source files at once?

Not really sure what their called (its been awhile since I played, just got it last week on my new laptop), but whenever I jump on somebody’s server, I’m always waiting for all these files to download. Its their some sort of program or way to get any source package to download one after another? I’m gonna hit some old nostalgia games from my past that don’t require bandwidth and hit hay soon after, and I’m hoping there’s a way to get them all to download while I’m doing all these things instead of going through them one at a time.

Any replies are surely appreciated!

Some bigger servers offer their assets as a separate download (like GMTower for example).
Other times, you can use the sv_downloadurl to get these assets externally.
Otherwise there isn’t a good way that I know of.

It’s sv_downloadurl :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

3 Days old, but if you find you are going the sv_downloadurl route, you can use wget to automate the downloads.

Sample command would be something like:
wget <URL> -rR “index.html*,*.bz2,” -np --cut-dirs=1 -P ServerAssets

This would download the contents of the entire downloadurl, skipping index.html, bz2 (compressed versions of the files, you can choose to only get these and decompress them yourself).

I don’t know how to not make it create a folder named after the site, so there will be one more folder in “ServerAssets”.

Use wget --help to get a listing of all the commands and their actions.