Is there a way to fix this bug?

Every time I start up GMod, I get this bug. GMod has always worked fine for me until today.

Is there any way to fix this? Specs shouldn’t be a problem since it was working fine yesterday. An update couldn’t have caused it since the last update was last Tuesday.

to me, that screams your GPU is about to die. Do all your other games work fine? Try updating drivers while your at it.

Post temps

Try making bacon and eggs on your GPU. If they taste good or are burned then there’s your problem!

Your Graphics card is overheating or about to die, Go get a new one, fast!

not so fast , profit a bit from makin greate bacon.

Nah, My dad’s laptop is overheating to 100+C, I burned my fingers :confused:
I had a plan about making bacon and eggs on that, but how I can do that if I need to turn it upside down when playing CS1.6? Atleast I think I was able to boil some water on it :smile:

Get something small (like a box) and put the laptop, open, upside down ontop of it with the hot part facing up.

GPU Dying or Maybe a really out of date driver

Advantage to this:
You can easily snipe people with any weapon since the weapon skins extend to infinity and you can just align the streched skin with the NPCs (or players) head :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the help. I’ll be getting a new GPU soon. :buddy:

Only the Physgun stretches; all other weapons become invisible. :saddowns: