Is there a way to install addons and use them without having to relaunch the game?

I’m asking this because it’s kind of annoying when I’m just playing and having fun I ad an addon from the workshop and I have to quit and relaunch the game for it to appear is there any plugin or command line to use the new addon instantly without having to relaunch?

Open the workshop ingame and install the addons you want.

Yeah I know how to do that I think everybody does I’m asking how can I use them Instantly without having to relaunch Garry’s Mod to use them.

How’d you imagine that when GMod has to load the addon files it downloaded before?

That’s the thing the old ones it loads up but if you install new ones you have to relaunch in order to find or use them.

I thought a simple map reload would be fine for this?

Yes it works but after the second time you do it won’t work.