Is there a way to list a server's mods? Before spending hours...

Hiya raiders n care bears,

I am shiny-new, and I had a few games on different servers - PvE to start with, then onto PvP only to find that I couldn’t research explosives nor c4 on a server that I put waaaaay too much time into.

Bit frustrated about losing the time on a server I won’t continue with, and a bit wary of starting another modded server in case there’s things I wanna do but can’t.

I’ve been looking and looking, amongst these threads too, for a console command so that I can list the modded features that a servers would use, but I can’t find anything…

Is it possible to see exactly how a server is running modded features, as a list, so I can find a server I like?

Sometimes it’s hard to catch an admin to ask in-game.

no such command dude. would be nice though. Most servers are pretty explanatory though about what they do in the server name ie: PVP or PVE , SLEEPER , RARE C4 OR NO C4, etc etc, if you looking for the full rusty experience choose any of the HARDCORE PVP servers :wink:

Cheers man,

haha, went the full rusty nail in the eye, and I still can’t keep my hachet…

I’ve since noticed that one server has the command “/rules” which is kinda handy, be a good place to list all the options toggled on or off.

Currently, no.

Tomorrow, there will be. I’ll write this mod. Sounds useful and ‘easy’*, though it’ll only work on servers that install my mod, unless I can convince the authors of Oxmin to include it… We’ll see :wink:

I have a /settings command on my server, that is mentioned in the welcome message, but that’s just straight text that I’ve put in myself, not any kind of script. I don’t have a /rules, because attempting to impose arbitrary rules on a game like Rust is usually silly. The right way to impose rules is with mods or settings which take away the ability to do the thing you want a rule against. If you can’t enforce a rule, then it’s futile to have one; indeed, it’ll penalise ‘lawful’ players and give ‘outlaws’ even more advantage by ignoring the rules.

*(pretty easy to list all mods active on the server, though it’ll take a bit more gruntwork to add in the facility to check and list each mod’s current settings.)

Working on it atm :wink:

i think this helps