Is There a way to make a ragdoll a working playermodel?

Im trying to figure out how to use Ashley Graham, but its a ragdoll obviously. So how do i do it? or can someone else do it for me? Id much rather you do it, becuase i would become so lost.

Well, it depends on ragdoll bones. If it was rigged on standart Valve human skeleton, then you can just add $includemodel “player.mdl” into qc (or something like that, I dont remember have players separate model for animations or not), and it should work just fine.
If skeleton is custom, then you can re-rig it on standart skeleton, or create those bunch of animations by yourself))

can you do one for me?? I really need professional help. haha. I just need ONE person. Just the model i mentioned in the above post. Ive tried to figure all the stuff out but i keep getting lost…

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Also, whats a QC?