Is there a way to make displacements or something similiar that isn't square?

I’m still new to hammer and pretty recently learned to use displacements, however I also noticed when I used the clipping tool, the displacement turned hollow for some reason.
When asking my friend (a much more experienced mapper) about this, he said it’s because displacements must be square from the beginning.

Now I’m currently trying to map a floating island, so naturally I don’t want the island to be square shaped as it will just look… shoddy.

Is there any way to bypass this, or is there any way I can change to edit the sides of the displacement to make it less square?
Is there perhaps even some other tool I should use for this sort of thing?


(Yes I asked my friend this, but he didn’t know :S)

Yes, It’s recommanded that your displacements are square, if you do a triangle (or whatever non square thing), it won’t work.

Then, depending on the length you want to cover, it’s better to use multiple displacements (like a few 128x128 blocks or 256, 512) it will give you way more freedom over your displacements (more precise and better blending, less blocky displacements)

Although, the counterpart is that it will increase a bit your compile time.

edit : Remember that you can also select multiple displacements when you are in the texture > displacements tool.

Thanks, I’m sure the map will be easier to make now.

If I want to make a circular area of displacement I usually just go with this layout:

(sometimes I go with 12 brushes)
I make it with either a clipped up cylinder brush or just some vertex edited block brushes.


Ohh I’ve never thought of doing that! If only I knew sooner…