Is there a way to make it so my friends dont need to DL addons to get rid of ERRORS?

I hate having to give my friends the links and whatever to some of the Gmod addons which they get errors on, Is there an addon or anything that makes it so that when they join my server it actually downloads the whole file so they dont get errors??

For example, If i get a gun pack… only i can see it but they see a giant error even if it downloaded when they joined my server… Sounds dumb but just wondering…

You put the addons onto your server. :v:


OP doesn’t know what that means. He just wants to add SWep packs onto his server.

SWep packs?
He never said that.
Oh I’m blind.

Im gonna prob sound like an idiot but how do i do that? And does that work for LAN servers cuz that how i play the game with my friends…