Is there a way to make missiles/bombs fall straight?

I’m looking for a way to make missiles and bombs, specifically the PHX3 pack and Nuke Pack 4 ones, return to falling nose-first, as a real missile would/should, after a nudge or direction change. E.G an mk-82 flying upwards, I fire the brakes and it falls with its nose facing the side of the map whereas I would like it to self-right and land on its nose. It looks more realistic and it makes things easier when it comes to thruster control. Firing forward thrust is no good when forwards is sideways.

Any help?

Weld a gas tank (or something heavier than the missile prop) to the nose, no-collide it then make it invisible.

Source engine doesn’t really like aerodynamics.

Weld a small prop about 5 feet from the back and using the physical properties tool turn off its gravity. (might wanna change the back props weight)

Ok, I’ll try probably LagMonster’s solution first, tomorrow. The missile will be diving into the geometry limits of the map so having a fat fuel tank welded to the front even nocollided is just BEGGING for ctd :confused:

There’s a NoCollide With World tool hanging around here, I think.

Its called Adv. Ballsocket.

Ok, what you do is get any small prop, such as a sodacan, and weld it to the tail. Then download/apply the fin tool to it. That will create enough “drag” to pull the end up and the nose towards the ground. Worked with me on numerous occasions. Happy building!

I tried all the solutions here minus the huge fuel tank one. None of them worked, some had no result at all, the fin one made an IMPROVEMENT, I welded a soda can to the back and made it a fin (50 efficiency, plane lift). The missile sort of swung from horizontal to vertical to the other horizontal and back on an axis. Is there a way to stop this?