Is there a way to make regular gun prop into a working weapons world model?

I didnt know if this should go in the lua catagory so i posted it here.

The SWEP Construction Kit can probably do what you’re looking for. I’ve used it fix a few things and it seems to work alright.

If the download in the OP doesnt work, use this here.

Or open up the weapon’s files, find the world model part and edit it. As long as the holdtypes are correct, it will work.

how would i do that

when i use that the model select doesnt work

Go into the addons folder, then the folder of whatever addon you want, then lua > weapons and then find the folder of the weapon you want to edit.

After that, open it and open up the Shared.lua file, with any text editor. I recommend Notepad++. Find

SWEP.WorldModel			= "models/weapons/w_blahblah.mdl"

and edit it to be whatever you want.

If you are having trouble picking the worldmodel you want, navigate to it in-game, right-click the spawn meny icon and select “copy to clipboard”, then just simply paste it in.

i know how to do that im trying to position it so its not coming out of the dudes crouch

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what do i do after im done with it how do i add it to my swep

AKA the holdtypes are wrong

the OP for the thread with the swep construction kit has info on where to place your stuff, as well as other stuff to add to your shared.lua

no hold type in the world is going to help position a prop without the proper bone, but that’s a story for another day.