Is there a way to make the weight of an object Zero?

I know you can make the weight one with those addons, however, I’ve tried the first two weight mods and the lowest the go is 1. Whenever I try to manually change it and making it “0”, nothing happens and I get a script error.

How do I make the weight of something (EG - A crate) zero, so it doesn’t effect.

I’m trying to make a wire turret and I need it so it’s weight zero. Right now, it’s slowly bringing the turret towards the floor. I’ve tried using the context menu and selection the gravity option off, but that also doesn’t seem to work. I’ve seen people set the weght of an object 0.01 but when I try it it doesn’t work.

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you can’t, just parent the turret to a base object. And if the server your on doesn’t allow parenting then your probably shit out of luck unless you want to make a stationary turret

you can try setting the weight to one and removing its gravity by mousing over it, holding c, and uncheck the gravity box