Is there a way to make what I'm hearing go through the mic?

I wanted to troll a bit , is there a way to make like… Go to youtube , listen to a song and make the sound from the headphones be transmitted through the mic? So the other players heard it too.

Remember… Headphones = low noise so I cant Just make the sound loud as fuck expecting for the mic to pic it up

Your wrong that it’s going to be quiet. Plus obviously very annoying. You can but I’m not going tell you how. Good luck finding out.

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Virtual Audio Cable.

You would have to use virtual audio cable and enable stereo mix as a mic in the control panel.
Then sting your mic and your stereo audio into 1 Virtual audio cable then set the Virtual Audio Cable 1 as your default device in steam before you launch the game

There also another way by buying MorphVOXPro4
But it would still be annoying to other players.

I remember once my friend had no microphone, but he had speakers. So he plugged it in, the quality was fairly low and it was quiet, but it worked.

The same works for microphones to transmit sound. Super quiet

any youtube video to demonstrate it?

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We had one guy playing music through his mic on an eastern server. He had several people following him to listen to some classic rock. Good time.

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