Is there a way to network the use of Voice Chat to the server?

I’ve been trying to look into informing the server that a player is using voice chat, to log it in a leader boards system taken from Coderhire. The most effective functions for the job I have found are GM:PlayerStartVoice and GM:PlayerEndVoice. These are both Client side hooks. Is there a way I can use these to inform the server when they trigger, and who they trigger for?

You can network it.

Something like this, but you wouldn’t need to Write* or Read*. The second argument for net.Receive on the SERVER is Player, so you’d know which player sent it.

There is a typo in that document
“// False is received as 0 is we do not tobool( ) it.”
should be if instead of is,

Sorry, have an OCD for this stuff.

Thanks, it’s fixed now :slight_smile:

Danke Ace… I think this will help.