Is There a Way to Optimize My Interpolation Function?

I made this function a bit ago to find the exact center between two holos, then set the angle of the holo and the scale. I noticed it was running on around 1.4k ops, Iā€™m not very good with E2 and sometimes get messy with my code so I was wondering if there was a way to optimize it a bit. Thanks :slight_smile:

function void holoAttach(Index,Index2,Index3){

local CalcX = (holoEntity(Index2):pos():x()+holoEntity(Index3):stuck_out_tongue: os():x())/2
local CalcY = (holoEntity(Index2):pos():y()+holoEntity(Index3):stuck_out_tongue: os():y())/2
local CalcZ = (holoEntity(Index2):pos():z()+holoEntity(Index3):stuck_out_tongue: os():z())/2

holoScaleUnits(Index,vec(holoEntity(Index2):pos(): distance(holoEntity(Index3):pos())-5,2.5,2.5))