Is there a way to pay for a Beta Key?

I don’t want to beg or anything but I was just wondering if you could buy a key. Well the Title explains itself. :wink:


You could buy gold membership but it only gives you a chance of getting one.


You’ll need to contact one of the members of the facepunch blackmarket.

Not that the answer wouldn’t be already in the other 20topics on the overview

Notch didn’t have the funds so that’s what he did, Facepunch has more than enough money to make and fund this game.

Facepunch has more than enough money to buy all our lives and make us their slaves.

Well what kind of slaves are we talking about here beause there are a certain kind of slaves I wouldn’t mind being, not to Garry at least…

I’ll be your dog for a ticket

If you buy gold (10 dollar) you have only a chance to get a key.

There is no regularity to when garry posts those keys

You are not guaranteed a key if you buy gold

Either wait for something to happen or take your chances

How often does garry post keys ? and does he post many?
and also i found this should i be able to find/use this?

Can you not read or something

I’d be Gary’s slave for free

no but it doesn’t work

I already answered that question.

That page does nothing

at this point Garry would make a killing if he made a paid alpha with an $20 price tag and a big fat list of things you’re not entitled to by buying a key

snip i could get banned for that

There are some scammers out there

There’s not even any code that could generate any keys

that’s it

Top right > buy upgrades > buy gold.


You will get a beta key in the email.

ALTERNATIVELY, you can post

in img tags in this thread to enter a lottery to get a Rust Beta Key!

example :

with no spaces

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