IS there a way to put a script on my server so that only certain people can run it?

So a few months back I had been using a script to help me administrate and I was using abyss to bypass the scriptenforcer(I know really stupid and yes I got banned… and no I am not trying to get unbanned. I realize it was stupid I just didn’t think I could get banned for doing it on my own server). Anyways the script just lets me see where everyone is(esp) Auto spectates when someone kills someone(for TTT purposes) and a bunch of other little things. Its just something I used when I didnt’ care to play but wanted to administrate my server. So how would I go about placing a script on my server so I can run it? Its a lot easier to catch people in the act with it.

You could include a whitelist, and depending on how the script executes, add a check to match up your steamID with the whitelist. Its quite simple. Just need to find the right place for it.