Is there a way to remove World Props?

I have an awesome map with some shitty props in it that I would like to remove. Is this possible? The props in the map seem to be bound to the world.

Unbind them and remove them

do you have the bsp file?

if not then decompile the map

Decompiling and recompiling a map generally fucks up the map and gives you far lower FPS in game.

Just use entspy to remove said props.

Make sure you get permission from the person who made the map before you decompile it and edit it.

Lighting won’t go if you do use entspy and remove the props. So you might have big shadows of lightposts or something when you remove the static props.

Remove the props then run only VRAD again (you can drop the BSP on VRAD.exe and it should recalculate lighting)

You guys just made my day. I didn’t know this was possible. How do I decompile, unbind and remove them?


What is entspy?

I just downloaded the vmex program and it doesn’t work. Whenever I try to run it, all it does is bring up a black screen for a second then shut off.

Re download it

Run the java file, not the .bat

How do I know if I have java script to run it? I tried clicking on that.


Arent just about all good maps protected?

Not all of them.

If you don’t have java installed then get it.

Okay, wait, so which one do I run? oh hey, I got it, whoo0t, stay posted as I test this thing out please.


Alright, I found the map, which setting in Hammer do I change view to to see what the map looks like when it’s not in wireframe and other view modes, how do I view it normally? Been a hwile since i used hammer

In the 3d view click on camera and press 3D textured



There is error boxes everywhere! Which view is the regular camera view? I need to be able to view the props so I can remove some of these pesky low rez chairs but everything looks like an error.


Everything looks transparent in the texture view, how do I remove the error boxes? They seem to be props but they aren’t loading.


Okay, figured out how to remove the errors. What will happen if I remove all the error props?

The error models are missing models you don’t have.

Depending on which games are needed, you have to run hammer using that game config.

how do i run it in cs

Counterstrike or counterstrike:source? If you’re using CounterStrike:Source then in sourcesdk go down to engine>episode 1. Game>CounterStike:Source.