Is there a way to rip MW3 maps?

i have no doubt someone here will know!

Well there’s DXRipper, with that you can rip a “scene” of the game and turn it into a model. Then you’d just use 3ds Max and fix it all up, then just export the whole MW3 map as a model and convert it to source. Done!

Sure it needs some more steps, but I guess this is already enough to know: Nope, without proper knowledge it’s not possible.

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Dx Ripper is only for Dx9 which isnt possible to use with mw3

Then your only option is to recreate the maps in Hammer with brushes and to export the textures and models and convert them.

I have very little knowledge of DXRipper but MW3 is DX9.

I accidentally posted a response in that thread that was meant for this thread…

Anyway, you’ve got your work cut out for you if you want to recreate a map. You could probably get around to ripping the entire scene with 3DripperDX then exporting it from 3DS Max to Source as a big model, but you definitely wouldn’t want to use it as an asset. The only good it would do is serve as a reference. You could refer to it within Hammer and build on it to create a perfectly scaled replica.

Then you get to enjoy the arduous process of porting every model and texture from MW3 to Source. That is, if you want it to look exactly the same.

That actually sounds like a really fun project. I just can’t get any of those programs to work right. :frowning:

there’s actually a way if you want to rip models in mw3(steam)