Is there a way to search the addons?

I can’t figure out any way to search the addons in game. Does anyone know if this is possible??
thank you for any responses.

What do you mean by this? Like look at your addons in-game? What addon to be specific?

I mean like search all available addons by text

like type in SCars or whatever and it pulls up everything with SCars in the title

Well you cannot do this in the server. This is not possible. What you could do is go to your server’s files and look in the addons folder but the answer to your question for looking up addons in-game is: No, this is not possible.

I’m sorry I don’t think I was clear, I mean from the main menu when you are downloading addons, is there a way to search those?

Go to addons and on the menu it shiuld take Open Workshop. Click that and the workshop page will show up which has a serch box.