Is there a way to select everything in the 3D view at once in hammer?

I’m working on a map, and i need a certain part of a map, so i’m deleting everything around it, but it is incredibly tedious and boring.

So i was wondering, is there a way to select everything in the 3D view for instance or all of a certain type of entity (the map is littered with info_nodes).

Thanks in advance.

To delete all of a specific entity, go to Map>Entity Report and just shift-select all the entities you don’t want. To delete entire sections, Click the Toggle Auto-Select button in the top toolbox (It’s a blue square with an arrow pointing at it) and select the desired section in the 2d view.

Thankyou so much!

You’ve just saved me about 2 hours of work.

If only I’d found that out when i started :S

also, if you need to select the whole map (or just a portion of it), use the select tool, drag down on one of the 2D views until the map is inside, then in another 2D view expand it so everything is inside the yellow box. hit enter and the whole map is selected.

And you can disable what you don’t want temporarly with the auto visgroups (may be fucked up if map decompiled)