Is there a way to stop scrunching?

I’m trying to make an engine cowling, and on the bottom part I have a 2 point bend to round the cut out part for the exhaust to escape and ran into an issue with the cubemap “scrunching” up on the polies that make up the curve:

Is there a way to make it smoothly transition from the other parts of the cowling, or am I stuck with the scrunch problem?

It looks like a smoothing error with the cut to me, does it have any black triangles or anything in the modeling program?

I didn’t use cut, I created new verts and made new polies. The smoothing looks kind of funky in max, but it doesn’t seem to change no matter how I apply smoothing to the model.

Apply a Normal modifier, unify the faces, try flipping some polys and if that doesn’t work you’re just going to have to create better topology using the Cut tool.

How did you create this? You didn’t use the Boolean tool by any chance? Anyways, this is a simple object so just make a new one and do it the right way.

a normal map can hide bad edges or pinches, but yeah it appears you didn’t use proper smooth groups

Like I said, I created new verts and polies with the “create” button in the modifier tab, there was no “cutting” involved.

Using the different boolean method yielded similar results with screwed smoothing. I guess I’ll just have to deal with the screwed part of the model.