Is there a way to take things faster from a chest rather than dragging items in your inventory?

I saw vertigo do it, not sure if it’s a mod but it’ll sure help me a lot of it is genuinely possible.

Thanks in advance.


Right click?

It would be great if right-clicking items from your inventory would eighter drop them if you don’t have a box opened or put them in the box if you do

Right Click would be great if it went both ways, so you could put stuff from inventory to a crate or something.

But it’s one of the aspects of the game that add to the risk.

I would think that taking things from crates would be the higher risk, therefore it shouldn’t hurt the game to add in the right click to deposit function. It was probably an oversight that’ll get fixed eventually.

“Looting” is the risk. Garry added the right click feature to make it a little faster but still risky. Putting things in your own chests has no risk, so probably why there is no need to make it faster to do.

See… the thing is, i have about 400 rust hours and i didn’t know this.