Is there a way to turn off LUA Error notifications

Just wondering

Not really.

ok then. why is my toolgun giving me errors. did I screw something up? every time I pull out the tool gun it fills the screen with LUA error notifications

Could maybe an addon try removing your addons then try and see if it gives errors.

Post a picture please then we can help more.

JET BOT? I remember back in the days of jetbot’s popularity the toolgun would bug up

nah, I don’t have that installed…what is jet bot anyway

I’m also getting some errors when trying to use any wire stuff after i had updated the wire svn.

I don’t know what the hell they screwed up.

And before you people mention “remove your addons”, i’m testing it on a clean garrysmod only with CS:S + EP2 mounted + phx from official svn.

And yes, the wire is from the official svn as well.

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Btw, just to be helpful to the OP and dont get a stupid ban reason like “Why reply?” just because i’m not saying anything useful for the OP… I think i know what’s going on on your toolgun, Mr_Frohman.

The error messages mention the e2 expression tool. And they also mention a problem with the ‘ViewModelDrawn’ function.

As you may already know, the ViewModel of any Swep is the model you see when you’re as First Person.

Anytime you use the e2 expression tool, the little screen of the toolgun changes completely. The tool probably use another ViewModel than the usual.

The solution should be simple:

  1. Try reinstalling wire.
  2. Try checking if you have any addon that uses a new ViewModel for the toolgun (there are plenty of these around)
  3. If nothing works, try reinstalling wire on a clean gmod. If you ever have any custom ToolGun model MERGED into the models or materials folders of gmod, that will solve it.

Jesus Christ, i’m understing lua errors. Finally.

It’s something wrong with wire, try doing this:

Update wire with tortoise svn.
Go into
C:\program files\steam\steamapps\yoursteamname\garrysmod

and rename that garrysmod folder to garrysmodOld

launch garrysmod, see if there are any errors. if none then close gmod and REINSTALL wire using svn. see if the error comes back. if not then one by one add back your addons. and when your done delete garrysmodOld