Is there a way to use a prop that does not have a v_ model or a w_ model a weapon

I am trying to make this other guys props weapons for him but how would I go about doing this?

Use XSI Rigging tool, -.- you shouldn’t have volunteered to do it if you don’t know how to do it.


You could technically just set the W_model and V_model to the prop but it will turn out very very very messed up everytime.

Actually, when I do the w_model and v_model as the same it doesn’t appear everytime. Thank you though I will go download that and it was kind of forced onto me and he asked me see if you can make this a weapon, I was just wondering. Thanks.

Woah, hold on wtf is XSI rigging link pl0x?

It is indeed possible, go look at the old gamemode contest entry gamemode, WinterSurvival.

Even found a download link for you: