Is there a Zero Suit Samus model rigged for Maya / Max?

I know that there have been several threads in this forum about Zero Suit Samus over the years, and I’ve spent some time looking through them, but I haven’t been able to find any links to a rigged model of Zero Suit Samus in a format that can be opened by Maya / Max.

Does such a model exist? If so, would anyone be so kind as to link me to it?

It can be Smash Bros ZSS or Other M ZSS, I’m fine with either.

You mean these right?

Yes! Those are the models I want, but in different formats.

I’d like to be able to open up these models in Max or Maya, in a format like .3ds or .mb or .fbx …is that available?

You could easy decompile them then import them as SMD then export them as 3DS


Sims_doc is right; I don’t know the first thing about de-compiling Garry’s Mod files.