Is there active competition in Gmod?

Hey guys!

I was wondering whether there is any (active) competition going on in Gmod. By that I mean some sort of ‘drive’ to keep improving on a previous design. Something that evolves Gmod technology.

Examples of this can be:

  • Vehicle racing
  • Building contests
  • Warfare (resulting in an arms race)

The reason I’m asking this is because I often put alot of effort into adding ‘extras’ to something I’m building, such as flares and breakable force welds to a fighter jet. While the end result is nice to have, I always get confronted with thoughts like “Okay, but who’s going to shoot me down?” and “These will end up being just aesthetics”.

Perhaps some of you can relate to this, and I hope someone has an answer for me/us :smile:

P.S. Oh, and if you can’t think of something, would you be interested in (someone else) organizing such a thing?

Yes, very much!
I think Gmod lack people building stuff together, whenever I join a map all I see is people spread across the map building different things.
It would be cool if we had something that would connect players, like a team-based gamemode if you get what I mean.

I know there are a few servers that have open combat with building, but they’re not very organized, and almost always don’t do enough to limit contraptions or protect builders.

I have a bunch of ideas on how it could be done better, but I’m too afraid of getting DDoSed to rent a server for it.

Good to hear. I don’t really know anything about server renting/hosting, but it’s also possible to start on a smaller scale within these forums (where you could arrange meetings on existing servers, if allowed) if a dedicated server turns out to be too much of a hassle at the moment.

To everyone else; feel free to post your ideas as well!

I run an organised “race” for vehicle builders. I drive all of the vehicles to keep it constant and there are certain rules for entering your car. If you are interested PM me. The current record is 1:01 around our track in a BTTF Delorean DMC-12.

I’m running an organized build to kill server.

It’s based off of ACF, has classes, and it’s a glorified game of “steal the bacon”.

Here is a video of one of the impromptu matches we had:

We protect builders by deactivating ACF damage during build mode and enabling global godmode and noclip. There’s a set-up time of 15 minutes, after which the server holds a vote to transition to kill mode. In kill mode, players work alone, or with other people on their frequencies to chase down the beacon and hold onto it. The highest scaled score at the end of 15 minutes is declared the winner.

Players can also !votebuild or !votekill to transition between the two modes.

Thank you for your replies!
(And my apologies for replying three days later… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yes, I am interested! I’ll PM you soon then.

Sounds very interesting, but I actually have alot of questions:

  1. I suppose that you don’t actually have to build everything from the ground up during the ‘set-up time’ (for example, adv. duplications are allowed). Is that the case?
  2. How does respawning (or respawn times) work?
  3. I don’t know much about ACF yet, but the only way to disable an opponent’s contraption is to disable it’s engine?
  4. Is it popular? :stuck_out_tongue: As in; are there matches going on 24/7, or are they pre-announced matches but with alot of players (8 or more is what I’d like to hear!), or perhaps something else?
  1. Nah, you can use ADVDUPE, even during Kill mode. You just have to be aware that you have to enter your vehicle without noclip.
  2. You respawn as soon as you mash M1. There’s a spawnpoint tool (only works during build mode) that you can use to set your spawnpoint. There’s a 10 second grace period after you spawn where you have godmode, so you can get to cover or run the hell away.
  3. ACF blows shit up. You can see in the video that vehicles are being torn apart by explosive and armor piercing rounds, and ammunition cooks off in an often very spectacular fashion. Engines/tracks can be disabled, wire bits can be destroyed, or the whole vehicle can be vaporized by a particularly nasty ammo explosion.

You can be podded, too. That is, shot while inside your vehicle.
4) The gamemode’s been in development, and I haven’t really been able to advertise it. If people see a guy on the B2k, they usually show up for a skirmish.

I’m also goofing around with a second gamemode that’s like Spacebuild, but structured around combat. It’s called Space Is The Place. It features mining, team factions, a persistent money system and quite a bit of other stuff in a streamlined package that allows players to focus on combat more than resources.

Waitwaitwait-- You mean ACF can seperate force-welded props? Man, I hope that’s true, because this is getting me all excited. :v: Other than that, I already had my suspicions that bullets can penetrate through props to a certain degree. Is that the case, too?

Perhaps someone could reply us a link to some more details on how ACF exactly works, so I don’t have to bother Sestze with all my questions. :stuck_out_tongue: (Unless you don’t mind ofcourse, Sestze!)

No no, it’s not firing wire turret bullets. It’s an entire damage system like Gcombat or Pewpew with penetration characteristics, ammo, guns, stuff like that.

The props you see being blown up are actually being removed and replaced with Debris entities that disappear after a short amount of time.

So forceweld or no, it’ll separate stuff by just blowing it up.

Umm just thought I would point this out but an arms race usually proceeds a war.

Also as far as competitions go, I would like to see some loose variant of a battle royal type of scenario or urban warfare over a few city blocks with shifting objectives.

We don’t really prefer your stuff to be forcewelded in the first place, due to the strain on the server. We mainly parent stuff to gates welded to the baseprop, so the server only has to calculate the physics of just the baseprop, gate, gun(s), or any other stuff you have on.

Ah I see, thanks for the tip! Although I can’t help just having to ask alot of questions again. :stuck_out_tongue: These questions are:

  • Is there a reason for parenting props specifically to gates (which are the ones from Wiremod, I assume), instead of directly to the base prop?
  • You mentioned ‘gates’ in plural. By that, did you mean that props may be systematically parented to a number of gates? Or are they randomly parented to gates used for ordinary circuitry?
  • Do all gates have to be parented to the base prop, or are they parented to other gates as well (for whatever reason)?
  • Does all of this apply to ACF in general, or just the Built To Kill server?

Thank you! :smiley:

The reason that props are parented to gates is that the game still traces them, allowing you to change color among other things (it can be very useful). Additionally, mostly all of the bodywork is parented to one gate, however on my current project I have the doors and hood parented to seperate gates to allow them to move independently of the body.

Thanks for answering quickly and clearly! And the use of multiple gates to have independently moving parts is a fantastic idea! :smiley: I guess the best thing I can do from here is just to get started on the whole ACF thing. Let’s see what happens!

But anyway, returning to the original subject;
I haven’t tried out that Built To Kill server yet, but I have been thinking through some possibilities for a new gamemode. I have some coding experience from Java, so learning Lua shouldn’t be a problem. From there, I could program a brand new gamemode, specifically designed to induce competition, innovation and hopefully, dedication. I’m actually pretty excited about it. I’m thinking of creating another topic soon on which people can provide feedback on my suggestions and come up with some of their own.

We’ll see!

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I run an organised “race” for vehicle builders. so i wanted to get on there and i was wodering what is the ip?

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i was wondering whats the ip because i wanted to get on the server

GGG [BnK] Sevastopol is located at:
GGG [BnK] Volgograd is located at: