Is there an Add-on limit to Gmod?

I have alot of downloads on GMOD and had finally realized some of my files were not installed correctly,I decided to add them in the right way.When i finished,I went to go mess with them,Within atleast 20 seconds it crashed while loading up,Please help me out!
PS.I am trying to delete some files i don’t use :slight_smile:

Gmod becomes unstable depending on how much content you’re loading through addons.

I have about 71 things in my addons folder

Consider optimizing your gmod folder.

Leave only the essentials in your addon folder, and delete the rest.

Considering deleting your Garry’s Mod folder and reinstalling.
My friend does this every so often, because it doesn’t simply target your addons, but any other lurking files that may alter performance. Loading speeds and stability will be noticeably better.
If you think there are some rare gems in your addons folder (unavailable addons, perhaps) then dive into your addons folder first and pick them out.

Delete your folder, relaunch GMod. After that, exit GMod, add an addon to your folder, then start up. Repeat. Take note of which addons you’re installing. If the game crashes after installing one of them, you know which one.

You could rename the garrysmod foler too if you dont want to delete all your old addons.

I do that too, just in case if I need to dig through the old one. One case I had to dig out on of my good dupes.