Is there an Altaïr Ragdoll?

I want to play around with one if there is?
Can’t find one on, though. :confused:

Also, Altaïr from Assassin’s Creed. The guy you play as, duh.

Other threads (After searching Altair) have also asked the same thing

Aaaand none had resuts…

Exactly, what does that tell you?

That people haven’t looked hard enough?

That people haven’t ported hard enough? :downs:

The game is using fairly high poly models, and I think the fabric on his clothing is dynamic, which Source cannot handle, so if someone does/ has ported them, they;d have their work cut out lowering poly counts and finding out some way of making his clothing work right.

There’s dynamic clothing in Source.
Well, kinda.

One word.

No, the medic’s coat is just jigglebones, at least as far as I know.

Dynamic clothing + Movement = Nice swaying.


There is an Altair ragdoll. I saw it once in a pose, but have never seen it since.

I think the medic got animations. Jigglebones are a possibility, but they do bug out slightly at times. And there is no cloth physics in Source at all yet. Just baked animations.

The ragdolls for the Medic has dynamic clothes.

It’s just jigglebones, it wouldn’t be that hard, but this isn’t my area so I don’t know if I should call something easy or not.