Is there an easier way to get Wiremod?

Now im not that good at following multipul links and making and using SVN so is they any easy way of getting wiremod because most my mods and adv_dupes require it…

Thanks … XeNoWolf. there is a link that says SUPER EASY WIRE DOWNLOAD

It’s more helpful to give him the actual link - do you really expect the average Facepuncher to be smart enough?

if i gave him the link, i’d have to go find it, why should i do the work for him, if he can’t even be bothered looking at the site, i’m not gonna spoon feed him, he doesn’t deserve it.

SVN is easy.

Hey thanks :stuck_out_tongue: it worked :smiley:


I thank you too :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

SVN tutorial, has SVN link for Wire, and explains how to install Wire (Step 13)