Is there an Old Lady ragdoll/NPC?

If I want an old man, there are several to choose from, but what if I wanted an Old Lady for a video? I searched everywhere, and no luck. The closest I came was the witch from L4D.
Is there one out there, or can someone make one?

get a citizen model, then reskin it, i have a enw pc i gotta get PS on it, i’ll try then. what exactly would you like keep this thread bumped.

Something along these lines:

I’m making a music video, and old lady is in the lyrics. I’m sure there has been a need for one before, I just couldn’t find any.

Use Mossman

She’s not old enough. (unless you’re 12, then she seems old.)

Skin some wrinkles on.

I’m no skinner. That’s why I’m posting this. If she was all wrinkly, she would do.