Is there any ban/kick history addon?

I’m looking for an addon with ulx where you can see ban or kick history of a player. I know a popular roleplay that has it, they look at your kick and ban history, I want to know where to find one. I tried sourcebans but it wouldn’t work.

its already logged in the ulx log files in the data folder.

You… you give me headaches

Anyway, by default bans and kicks are saved in the log files of your server, if you want add -condebug to your servers startup so it can put all your logs in a nice console.log file.

If you are looking for something like sourcebans we have to know what admin mod you are using first.

(YourStalker) :eng101:

(FizCap) :suicide:

So why was that nick guy called dumb, what he said is totally reasonable.

or you can use this if you want everyone to see the bans:

This is in fact not a true history of kicks/bans, as the ban records get deleted from the database, when they expire (or get revoked by an admin).

Not that big of a deal and easy to remove.

I dumbed because op wanted a list of bans but the logs suggested are the complete logs (chat and everything) and need to be manually searched.

Not to mention there is a bans menu in ULX that shows all the banned players. It is usually weird and buggy for me though.