Is there any "free construction mode" server?

That’s it, i would like to know if there is a server in which you can have unlimited resources to test how to construct builindgs.


This isn’t the Minecraft forum; it’s the Rust forum.

Zooty, he just wants to test building structures which is very reasonable, but k41m, i don’t think there are any servers like that.
I wish there were because i’d like to practice building a large structure without farming wood for 10 hours lol

Yes, you rent your own server, and as admin, you can do as you please.

Obviously no one will want to play on the server with you if you just spawn whatever you like for yourself.

Players HATE admin abuse.

This thread has an unusually large volume of hostility without any real justification.

The game IS in alpha, a player wanting to test the game’s mechanics and learn how to best use them, without the threat of arseholes, nor the need to do the tedious job of material gathering is not doing anything wrong.
In fact, he’s helping, at least in part.

Point is, don’t get all edgy and internet cool with somebody asking for help, it makes you look like a dick.

Back on topic:

To my knowledge, the commands don’t even exist to enable crafting without the need for materials for anyone other than admins.
Consequently, I don’t think there is a single server that features the mechanic you want.

I never seen one, but there are PvE servers where you can collect resources freely without the fear of players tampering with your progress.

but they still can raid

I thought of this before. Tonight when I get home, I’ll set up PvE 100% Build only server. Ill make crates all over the map by the roads with stacks of building materials and maybe C4 to get rid of mistakenly built walls and whatnot.
I will start off with 50 slots, and adjust if we need more.
Upvote this so people can see, I can not advertise the server in this section, so look out for a post about it on subforum in about 12 hours.


cool :smiley:

It’s only 20 bucks a month to rent a server. Some friends and I split it 5 ways. 4 bucks each… and we just make ridiculous structures, and test new ideas.

This is a good idea and when the right mods come about there will be lots of servers like it I’m sure. For now you’re best off buying your own server or just waiting it out.

Yeah the only way to do this to my knowledge is to rent your own server and spawn what you want. I have my own server and if i want to test something or just mess around. I will teleport into the middle of nowhere on the map. Seriously it took me like 2 hours of walking to get to the spot. Then i can test build whatever i want. I don’t put a door though because i wouldn’t want to lag the server out with a ton of big structures that i decided to build. There is rcon Rusty server tool that allows admins to send out a certain amount of an item to everyone on the server at once. So this is actually possible to have a server like this. Although if you just gave everyone supplies i guarantee that you would have to wipe the server really often because the lag that this type of server would create if just unimaginable. Especially with the way that the current hosting companies are complaining about the “Memory Leak” in the game causing all the lag on normal high population servers.

I host a server called [US] Rust++ Creative Mode

In the server you can type /starter to get a full stack of…

Wood Planks
Wood Planks
Wood Planks
Wood Planks
Small Rations (Note: Reduces more radiation than anti-rad pills!) Anti-rad pills currently dont drop in the server as they will just reduce the chances of finding whatever u wanted to find. Zombies cannot drop more than 12 items at a time.
Metal Fragments
Metal Fragments
Metal Fragments
Metal Fragments
556 Ammo
Low Quality Metal
Uber Hatchet
Uber Hunting Bow
Metal Foundation
Metal Pillar
Metal Doorway
Metal Wall
Metal Ceiling
Metal Stairs
Metal Window
Large Medkit
Animal Fat
Metal Ramp

Zombies have mostly all items added to their loot table and they drop a full stack of items (250 wood, 5 metal doors, 250 metal ore ect)
Looting the weapon crate (silver crate) gives you 60 metal doors. Looting the junk crates (small wood crates) gives you 12 research kits. Looting the medical crate (red crate) gives you 3000 wood. Looting the ammo crate (green crate) gives you 3000 metal fragments.

This server is hosted by and is located in New York.
To connect to this server hit F1 and type: net.connect

I cant connect to your server?

Nvm just took a while